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Forceps Injury / Vacuum Extraction

Forceps Injuries/ Vacuum Extraction Attorneys

Chicago Birth Injury Lawyers

Although many childbirth’s go as planned, there are times when labor is prolonged and medical tools need to be utilized to help the baby get out of the birth canal. Medical experts generally use forceps or vacuum extraction to help remove the baby during those difficult deliveries. These techniques are used to gently help the baby through the birth canal, but babies have extremely soft skulls and since their bones are not yet fused together, they can easily bruise or become disfigured if forceps or vacuum extraction is utilized. RB Law has birth injury attorneys who are able to determine if your baby’s forceps or vacuum extraction injury is the result of medical malpractice.

Forceps are curved metal tongs that are able to hold the baby’s head on each side, allowing the doctor to pull the baby through the birth canal. Babies can suffer injury from the use of forceps, including bruising and abrasions. Most of these injuries subside within a few weeks, but there are more severe cases in which the marks do not go away.

When vacuum extraction is used, there is a risk of a subgaleal hemorrhage, which is bleeding that occurs between the baby’s scalp and skull. This bleeding can cause the baby’s head to swell, and they need immediate treatment to prevent seizures, shock, anemia or death. There is also a risk of retinal birth injuries during vacuum extractions, which is when the baby’s eyes have red rings or a little blood. Although most retinal birth injuries may not require treatment, some cases have the baby suffer from lasting vision problems.

If forceps or vacuum extraction is necessary in the birthing process, doctors need to be extremely careful to not cause any damage. There are proper techniques that should be utilized, and there are times when the doctor is negligent. If you believe that medical malpractice was the cause of your baby’s birth injury, you should contact our personal injury attorneys immediately to help you with your claim.

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