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Shoulder Dystocia | Romanucci & Blandin

There are many instances of shoulder dystocia that can be anticipated and prevented if medical professionals have noticed the warning signs.  This occurs when a baby’s shoulder gets caught on the mother’s public bone during a vaginal delivery.  If this occurs, the medical staff needs to dislodge the baby’s shoulder in a safe and timely way.  There are some risk factors that can cause shoulder dystocia, and the physicians should be aware of them.  Risk factors include a mother having excessive weight gain during pregnancy, breech position, gestational diabetes or having a large baby.

There are injuries that the newborns can sustain from shoulder dystocia, and our birth injury attorneys have handled a variety of cases, including:

Romanucci & Blandin handle a full range of birth injury cases, including cases of shoulder dystocia injuries.  It is the responsibility of the physician to perform the proper techniques when trying to dislodge the baby’s shoulder.  If your child has suffered from shoulder dystocia that has resulted in a serious  injury,  our  attorneys are here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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