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Brachial Palsy Injury

Brachial Palsy (Shoulder Injuries) Lawyers

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Brachial palsy is when there is paralysis or weakness in one of the newborn baby’s arms that was caused by damage to the nerves by the shoulder. Erb’s Palsy is what paralysis to the upper arm is called and Klumpke’s Palsy is what paralysis to the lower brachial plexus is referred to.

Shoulder dystocia causes brachial palsy, which is a complication from the baby’s shoulders becoming stuck behind their mother’s pubic bone, which causes the baby’s head and neck to get pushed to the side when the shoulders pass through the birth canal. An obstetrician or other doctor knows the potential risks for shoulder dystocia, which include mothers who are older, breech delivery, long labor, heavy maternal stature, delayed C-section, a larger baby or forceps or vacuum extraction being misused. RB Law has brachial palsy attorneys who can help you to find if negligence caused your child’s injury.

Brachial palsy has several symptoms. One is when their hand or arm lacks spontaneous movement. Other symptoms are an absence of a reflex, decreased grip strength and an arm that is flexed at the elbow and is held against their body. Within a few months of being born, most babies do recover from their shoulder injuries, but there are more severe cases in which surgery or therapy is necessary.
Brachial palsy can simply occur without the fault of anyone, but it can be caused by negligence or medical malpractice as well. RB Law has the qualified medical malpractice lawyers to help you if your child suffered a shoulder injury like brachial palsy during birth.

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