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Child Bullying

Illinois Bullying Prevention Attorneys

In America, the bullying epidemic is extremely severe and has incited action on a national level and also in various states. Litigation frequently follows avoidable tragedies that were caused by negligence, and often encourages the parties who were affected to take action to prevent future tragedies.
There is still substantial work that needs to be done to address the bullying crisis our children are facing in schools; however, there are more resources that are becoming available to help teachers, students and parents. A national voice for consumer advocacy, called Public Justice, has issued a campaign to effect change in the courtroom. Public Justice Anti-Bullying Resources.

Illinois Anti-Bullying Laws

On June 26, 2006, Illinois passed an Anti-Bullying Statute. The law states that, “Each school district may make suitable provisions for instruction in bullying prevention and gang resistance education and training in all grades and include such instruction in the courses of study regularly taught therein.” ( The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is required to monitor the policies of the Statute and ensure their implementation in schools. These policies include each school district developing and creating policies on bullying, which then need to be filed with the ISBE. Illinois is now rated an A- by, an anti-bullying watchdog group.

The Illinois Prevent Student Violence Act, which became effective on June 28, 2010, was crucial to defining what bullying means. The Act overtly forbids bullying in all schools, and also established the School Bullying Prevention Task Force.

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