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Dear Friends-

We are all now acutely aware that the COVID-19 crisis is taking a tremendous toll on all of our lives, but nowhere is that more evident than in the restaurant industry. The essence of restaurants, of course, is in the connection to other people – the dining room atmosphere, interaction with wait staff and delicious meals prepared by skilled chefs. However, with non-essential business closed to slow the spread of the virus, the restaurant and foodservice industry has been tragically impacted. Those who are still open for carryout are generating a fraction of their regular revenue stream, and when they are allowed to finally reopen will do so at reduced capacity because of social distancing requirements. Government paycheck programs have been modestly helpful, if these businesses can access them at all. The number of companies in the restaurant sector and in their entire supply chain that might close because of this crisis could be staggering. The food chain is starting to collapse, with farmers now dumping milk, plowing over crops and euthanizing animals. The time to act is now.

What restaurants need is cash… and customers. For this reason, we have donated and are asking you to consider making a financial contribution to an organization that is paying restaurants a reasonable price to prepare meals for essential healthcare workers and for those in need in our community.  The program, run by Frontline Foods Chicago, benefits the restaurants by keeping them open and their staff members employed while also helping frontline workers and those who need and deserve it most.


Frontline Foods has assembled an army of volunteers in cities across the country, including in Chicago. You can visit their website at They are working in close collaboration with World Central Kitchens,, founded by world renowned chef Jose Andres and his wife. This organization was originally started to provide smaller scale economic support and food to communities in need, but grew into in international disaster relief organization providing meals on an incredible scale to victims of hurricanes, earthquakes and other crises. 

Please consider making a donation, as ever dollar helps!

$50 feeds 3-5 frontline workers

$100 feeds 5-10 frontline workers

$500 feeds a small Emergency Room or Intensive Care Unit staff

$1,000 feeds a large Emergency Room or Intensive Care Unit staff

$5,000 provides daily meals for 50 frontline workers for a week

All donations qualify as 501c3 charitable contributions and can be made directly to the Frontline Food Chicago webpage,!/donation/checkout

The money will go right to restaurants feeding the frontlines and the needy in our community.   As you make your contribution, please add the phrase “RB Law” in the Comments box on their website. Donors will get a shout out on social media channels so we can celebrate the teamwork in our community.

Thank you for your heartfelt consideration. Together our community will endure and survive this challenge.


Antonio Romanucci and Stephan Blandin

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