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Nursing Home Lawsuits Reveal Link to GOP Candidate, Bruce Rauner

Posted on: January 27th, 2014 by Romanucci & Blandin

Nursing Home Lawsuits Reveal Link to GOP Candidate, Bruce Rauner

 GOP candidate, Bruce Rauner, has been making headlines these past couple of weeks when it was revealed that his former company, GTCR, was linked to numerous lawsuits involving abuse, neglect and wrongful death with nursing home facilities.  GTCR has ownership over nursing home companies, and there have been many links to the residents’ abuse and mismanagement from those in charge.  The spokesman for Rauner’s campaign, Mike Schrimpf claims that Rauner had no role in the management of the nursing home company when the abuse cases took place.  The Chicago Tribune quotes him as saying, “It’s deeply disappointing that any politician would try to use human tragedy in an attempt to advance their own political campaign.”  Whether or not Rauner had anything to do with the nursing home abuse, a link has been made, which could prove to be very problematic for his campaign.

As a co-founder of GTCR, which was founded in 1980, Rauner remained with the firm for thirty years.  In 2012, Rauner announced that he would be running for governor, and at that time he stepped down from his position at GTCR.  There have been no legal documents with Rauner’s name on them, but GTCR and other related firms are named as defendants on the different cases.

Since Rauner was involved in the company for so many years, it is extremely likely that this will come back to haunt him.  Even though Rauner left in 2012, he was still GTCR’s chairman when they got into the nursing home care business through their $1 million financing of Trans Healthcare, Inc. in 1998.  Personal injury attorneys have alleged that GTCR and other nursing home investors did not provide the proper funding for care of their patients, and there are lawsuit awards in a handful of patient-neglect and wrongful death cases that totaled more than $2.3 billion at one point.

Kirk Dillard, one of Rauner’s Republican opponents, has spoken out against Rauner and the lawsuits against GTCR and voiced his opinion that Rauner was indifferent to how the nursing homes were being run.  Dillard was quoted, “People have died (in) nursing homes, because of the way Bruce Rauner and his friends have invested in these homes.”  Rauner has refused to comment on any of these recent revelations.

Rauner has not heard the last of these revelations or accusations, and things are not looking good for his campaign.  Rauner and his campaign manager have a long road ahead of them and are going to have to work hard to see if they can turn this around.

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