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Since its inception over 20 years ago, Romanucci & Blandin, a Chicago-based national litigation firm, has been committed to fighting for victims of negligence, abuse and wrongful death arising from police misconduct, corporate negligence, civil rights actions, medical malpractice, mass torts and class actions

Founded in 1998 by respected personal injury attorneys Antonio M. Romanucci and Stephan D. Blandin, the firm has secured more than $500 million in verdicts and settlements for its clients, with dozens of those cases each exceeding $1 million. 

Romanucci & Blandin is widely recognized for representing plaintiffs in numerous practice areas including: personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, pharmaceutical, civil rights, police misconduct, excessive force, aviation, product liability, premises liability, mass torts and class actions.

The lawyers at Romanucci & Blandin are dedicated to providing victims who suffered injury as a result of another’s wrongdoing full and fair compensation in a diligent, professional, skilled and caring manner. Romanucci & Blandin attorneys handle every aspect of each case so clients can care for their loved ones in their time of need and cope with an injury, or even loss. This steadfast commitment to fighting for those seeking justice around the country has set the firm apart from other personal injury firms. Romanucci & Blandin is also committed to regional and national legislative advocacy on issues related to our cases to make our communities a better place to live and work. Furthermore, the lawyers actively support their communities and provide advocacy at the national, state and local levels on issues that support the U.S. tort system. 

Their referring resources and clients say that there are several factors that differentiate the firm as highly recommended lawyers, including their record of success, depth of experience, tireless and thorough preparation, a talented and dedicated team, strategic use of communications and media to support cases, and compassionate advocacy in the courtroom to fight for the rights of those whose lives have been changed forever.

Our Firm Results

In a Cook County record verdict in 2009, for example, a Cook County jury awarded the parents of a ten-year-old boy with a $22.3 million verdict in a medical negligence case arising out of the care and treatment on May 29, 1999 at Advocate Christ Medical Center/Hope Children’s Hospital, in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn. Sadly, the negligence resulted in the loss of the boy’s left leg and other disabilities. The jury agreed with the plaintiff’s contentions that the hospital and staff were negligent in that they failed to make a timely diagnosis of the boy’s shunt problem; improperly subjected him to an unnecessary cardiac catheterization; improperly applied a pressure dressing to the boy’s left leg and also failed to remove it in a timely fashion; failed to monitor his pulse; and improperly destroyed an echocardiogram. Now, the boy and his parents will never need to worry again about his receiving quality care.

In another case, a female construction worker, who suffered incomplete paraplegia when a five-foot trench collapsed on her body, was awarded a $5,550,000 settlement as the result of injuries. She will have the care she needs the rest of her life.

In addition to our extraordinary successes on behalf of our clients, we have worked hard to change laws and rules that make the world safer. Our advocacy work on behalf of the American Association for Justice has resulted in not only restitution to victims and their families, but has led to changes that make our country safer for everyone. Thanks to the civil justice system, asbestos is no longer used in schools and public buildings, and workers are no longer exposed to its ill effects. And thanks to this same system, insurance companies, who refuse to pay just claims, employ hardball tactics against policyholders and raise premiums while hoarding excessive profits, are now being examined. Why? Because the insurance industry continues to enjoy its highest profits ever, all at the expense of consumers. The American Association for Justice has conducted extensive research to examine insurance company greed and how consumers can hold them accountable.

In another example, Little League International changed its rules in early 2011 to prohibit the use of metal baseball bats. Romanucci & Blandin has been a passionate advocate for a ban on metal baseball bats by youth leagues. In 2008, we supported the introduction of a bill in the Illinois State Legislature that would have banned metal bats. Sadly, the bill never made it out of committee. In 2009, we launched an all-out effort to have an ordinance passed by the Chicago City Council that would have banned the use of metal bats by local youth leagues. After a half-day of testimonies, the ordinance failed to get the committee votes needed to make it to the City Council floor for a full vote.

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