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What to do after a car accident | Romanucci & Blandin

Right After the accident

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, most states will require that you not leave the scene without first checking for damages or injuries. You may be prosecuted if you leave the scene of a car accident.

After an accident occurs, you need to see if you or others are injured. If a person is injured, they should not be moved. You should call the police and get an ambulance to the scene of the crash. If you are not able to speak, find someone else who can call and report the accident and get the proper medical care to the scene of the accident.

If you are able to, try to notify oncoming traffic of the accident by turning on your hazard lights or setting out flares if necessary. You should exchange information with the other driver involved in the crash. Necessary information to be exchanged includes name, address, phone number, license plate number, driver’s license number, and insurance information.

Check to see if there are any witnesses to the accident, as the police will want to get information from them to file in their accident report. The police officer who is investigating the accident should provide you with the information you will need to get a copy of the accident report.

It is important to document as much information as necessary, such as the speed limit, conditions of the road, weather, how the accident occurred and lighting. If you believe that the accident is your fault, it is best not to admit it at this time. The other driver may be feeling the same way, or there could be other factors that contributed to the accident. If you admit fault, it could be later used against you in court.

Police Arrival

You must stay at the scene until the police have informed you that you are able to leave. You should give the police your complete cooperation and provide them only with the facts of the accident. You should not admit that the accident was your fault to the police or the other driver. Fault of car accidents are often difficult to determine and you should not jump to conclusions right away. Make sure that the police know of any injuries you sustained in the accident.

What to do Once you Leave the Scene

You will want to have full documentation of the damage to your car and your injuries. Even if you do not believe you are injured, you should get in to see a doctor as soon as possible. There could be a delay in your injuries appearing, and only a physician will be able to determine if you are injured and to what extent. If you wait too long to see a doctor, an insurance company may argue that your injuries were not from the accident, but were from an unrelated event.

You should notify your insurance company of the accident, and you should seek legal advice on filling out the insurance documents and especially before you talk to the other driver’s insurance company. A qualified personal injury lawyer should check over any documents before mailing anything in.

You should also be sure to keep a record of any losses that the accident has caused you, including medical bills, damage to your car, lost wages, future loss of earnings and future medical treatment. A qualified personal injury attorney can identify any loss that is related to your accident.

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