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 Lack of Informed Consent Malpractice | Romanucci & Blandin

Every patient has the right to fully understand all of their medical options before they give their consent for any kind of medical treatment.  Doctors are required to inform their patient about any risk or benefit the procedure has, and must also inform them about any alternative treatments that are available.  They also have the responsibility to explain things using language that the patient will understand so the patient is able to make an informed decision regarding their medical treatment plan.

If your doctor has failed to inform you or your loved one about the ramifications and risks prior to a procedure, you can seek compensation.  If you have been given inadequate information, you have not received enough information to give informed consent.

In most cases, verbal consent is no longer sufficient and written consent must be given prior to any procedure.  An informed written consent from should include:

  • Alternatives, including their risks, as well as the option of non-treatment and its risks
  • Any risk involved with the procedure
  • Approximate cost of the procedure
  • Chances of the procedure’s success
  • Expected time of recovery
  • Name of physician performing the procedure
  • Patient’s current medical condition
  • Purpose of the proposed procedure
  • Qualifications of the physician

In order to win your case, you need our experienced medical malpractice attorney to help prove that your lack of informed consent is linked with your resulting injury.

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