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Nursing home liability laws in Illinois have become more important as the average life expectancy has gone up. There are more Americans who are over age 65 than ever before, and approximately 40% of people over 65 will become a resident of a nursing home or another type of long-term care facility. In a study of 2000 nursing home residents, 44% said they were abused, and 95% admitted to being neglected or seeing another resident neglected, according to the National Center for Elder Abuse (NCEA). If you or a loved one has suffered from an injury or illness while living at a nursing home, RB Law can help determine if nursing home abuse was the cause.

Nursing home abuse can fall into a few different categories, including:

  • Emotional abuse-This includes isolation, threats, sarcasm, manipulation, verbal degradation
  • Financial abuse-Occurs when there is a misappropriation of funds, cashing checks without owner’ consent, tricking a patient into signing a will or other legal document, using funds for personal benefit
  • Physical abuse-This includes battery or other types of physical contact, bedsores, overmedicating, force feeding, excessive use of physical restraints
  • Sexual abuse-When a resident is tricked or coerced into sexual contact without consent


The NCEA has found that nursing home residents who suffered from abuse have a 300% higher risk of death compared with those who were not abused. There are roughly 1,200 nursing homes and extended care facilities in Illinois that have around 100,000 residents. The Illinois Nursing Home Care act clearly outlines the regulations for these facilities to help protect the residents by setting high standards of safety, health and sanitation. RB Law nursing home abuse attorneys have a thorough understanding of the Nursing Home Care Act, and are fierce advocates for victims of nursing home abuse.

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