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College Rape Victims | Romanucci & Blandin

Exemplary personal injury law firm help college students who were victims of rape to get the compensation they deserve.

RB Law unfortunately has handled numerous cases for college students who were the victims of rape. Victims of rape have suffered through something that nobody should ever have to endure. The victims usually do not have any physical scars, but the emotional scars that they are left with can stay with them for their entire life. The criminal justice system can punish the person who assaulted you or your loved one, but in addition, anyone who took part in covering up the abuse can also be punished.

If a school, university, business, organization or church was negligent by allowing sexual abuse to take place on their property, they can and should be held responsible. In most of these cases, the victim suffered a sexual assault from their teacher, professor, coach, mentor, medical professional or member of the clergy. RB Law understands that there is absolutely nothing that can ever erase the attack, but the people or institution who covered up the attack should be punished and you should have the compensation that you will need for any medical care or treatment you should require.

Sexual Abuse Litigation in Illinois

There are currently 51 schools that are under investigation for violating Title IX, which is a federal civil rights law requiring schools to advise victims of their rights and makes sure that an investigation is conducted to ensure the victims’ safety. If a school knows about any form of sexual harassment or sexual violence, they must take immediate action to eliminate it and prevent any other occurrence from happening. Even if the victim or their parents do not wish to file a complaint, the school must conduct an investigation and resolve the situation, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

Unfortunately, many schools ignore these rules and victims do not know that they are entitled to legal representation. RB Law is here to help any victim who has suffered from sexual abuse in fully understanding their legal rights and we will help you to take action against anyone who had a hand in the abuse or in covering it up.

College Rape Victim Lawyers in Illinois Cook, DuPage, Lake and Kane County

Very often, victims can take a bit of comfort in knowing that the person or institution that was responsible for their attack will be punished. They may also take some comfort in knowing that changes in behavior or policy can occur. The White House has been reminding colleges and schools of their obligation to students who have suffered from a sexual assault.

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